We help you launch


One stop solution for all your loyalty and engagement needs


Get new leads through Nector Integrations

  • New cross selling opportunities
    Market your product to new eyes
  • Improved product visibility
    Showcase your product across our network
  • Accept orders from users across the web
    Expand your customer base to a larger audience
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
    Reduce your CAC by promoting on Nector

Improve repeat purchase

Build a loyal customer base

  • Reward on signing up
    Reward customers for signing up
  • Reward on every purchase
    Reward coins equivalent to order amount
  • Reward for referrals
    Reward users for referring other customers
  • Reward for reviews
    Collect reviews and improve user confidence  
  • Reward for social media follows
    Boost your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more

CustomiSed rewarding solution

Customise based on your business needs

  • Create automated workflows
    Automated workflows for rewarding
  • Reward on a specific date / day
    Monday? Sunday? On a holiday, birthday, etc
  • Reward based on timelines
    Eg. Google Pay Rewards