Manage your Loyalty system with ease in one place

Reward users on purchases, sign-ups, referrals, social media follows, reviews and more

Get a complete overview of the performance of the loyalty system of your business

  1. Take more informed decisions and be on top of customer behaviour

Set up rule based rewarding that encourages users to take action on their shopping journey

  1. Create offers and custom rules that suit your needs in minutes

Create special rewards for users based on Tier or Milestone based rewarding

  1. Offer unique rewards to your loyal customers and let them earn their way to the top

Make referrals better and easier with customized rewards for your customers

  1. Test different rewards to understand what works for your customers and create unique links for each referral to ensure authenticity

Create customised email templates that keep your customers informed about your rewards

  1. Choose from many pre-existing templates and elements to match your branding

Migrate your customer data easily from your existing apps and programs

  1. Make an effortless transition to Nector by uploading a CSV file to import customer data

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