A plug-n-play SaaS rewarding solution for businesses.

Nector is API based SaaS platform that businesses can plug into their ecosystem and start rewarding their users in minutes.

Rewarding users can be a difficult job

SMBs and Startups find it difficult to build/develop a reward solution which is quick, pluggable and cost effective.

Rewarding made effortless using Nector

Nector can be integrated with any mobile app or website in a couple of minutes to hours time and comes with preloaded:

Brand Partnerships

Nector provides brand partnerships & rewarding infrastructure on the fly.

Rules and Actions

Businesses can define rules and actions and automate everything.


A UI for your users to see their coupons, points, product offering and more.

Or become a brand to us and reach consumers across businesses

Promote your product in form of deals and discounts and boost your product sales effortlessly.


Consumer Reach


Deals and Coupons

Simple API Integration

Create API keys and start calling various rewarding APIs from your mobile app, website or backend systems. Read end to end integration guide or visit the integration documentation

Reward coupons

									curl --request POST \
										--url {{url}}/dealrewards \
										--header 'x-apikey: api-key-in-plain-format' \
										--header 'x-source: source' \
										--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
										--data '{
										"customer_id": "customer_id"
Reward points

									curl --request POST \
										--url {{url}}/wallettransactions \
										--header 'x-apikey: api-key-in-plain-format' \
										--header 'x-source: source' \
										--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
										--data '{
										"customer_id": "customer_id",
										"amount": "10",
										"hash": "unique hash",
										"operation": "cr",
										"type": "reward"

Visit API reference documentation or import in Postman


Get started for free or pay as low as $9 and supercharge your business.

*Contact us at info@nector.io for more info


$ 0 /mo
  • Reward upto 200 unique users
  • Upto 500 free rewarding API calls montly
  • Lowest latency
  • Post quota exhaustion, request will fail
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Pay As You Go


$ 9 /mo
  • Reward upto 1k unique users
  • Upto 3k free rewarding API calls montly
  • Zero latency
  • Post quota exhaustion, $10 per 1k new users and $5 per 1k new rewarding API calls will be charged
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