Turn your one-time
customers into

lifetime customers

Maximize the effectiveness of your eCommerce retention marketing strategy by utilizing integrated solutions designed to enhance customer value and boost performance!

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~ 17X  ROI

with Nector

18% Increase in Signups

with loyalty widget

30% Increase in AOV

with discounts

Mind-blowing results


Return on Investment
with Nector


Increase in Signups
using our loyalty widget


Increase in AOV
with discounts

Add 20+ rewarding features to your website

Order Rewarding
VIP Rewarding
Signup Reward
Shopify POS
Automated Emails
Accept Reviews
Birthday Rewards
Buy with Points Button
Event Notifications

You don’t have to be an expert to run a loyalty program!

Simple to integrate
Integrate Nector in less than 10 minutes with zero coding required.
Reward for 20+ actions
Reward your customers for signing up, placing order, Birthday, writing reviews and much more!
Almost 30% increase in AOV
Create customised rewards that can help you increase the AOV
Instant support and seamless onboarding
We help you with end to end setup and live chat support throughout your journey
Trusted by 500+ D2C Brands
See the difference that a Rewards Program can make to your business
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Personalise the program as per your needs with Nector's powerful customisation and rewarding actions

Loyalty and Rewards

Nector helps you build a Rewards Program that creates value for your customers at every point in their shopping journey
The Nector Widget
VIP Rewarding
Buy with Points
POS Integration


With Nector, your customers can refer friends and family to your online store and earn points for doing so
Automated Invitation
Custom Rewards
Feature on your website


From simple text reviews to photo reviews, our platform makes it easy for your customers to share their experiences and earn rewards.
Product Reviews
Featured Reviews
Dedicated Reviews Page

Our Clients Noticed difference in
sales after using Nector.io

Nector has proven to be an effective tool for improving sales
and has been positively received by clients who have used it
More Revenue
Returning Customers
Customer Satisfaction

Why do brands love Nector?

Turn New Customers into
Lifetime Revenue

Increase repeat purchases and conversions
Reward for referrals
Customisable VIP Program
Reward for leaving reviews

Fully Customisable and Compatible

Dedicated Rewards and Referral Page
Send nudges through Email and WhatsApp
Works with 3rd-party checkouts and mobile apps
Expire unused coins

World-class customer support to solve all your queries

Experience the gold standard in customer support to swiftly address all your queries, through live chat, call and email

Guidance tailored to you, from start to finish

Hand-held integration to get you up and running in a few minutes. Get an insight into all the best practices followed by top brands

Don't just take our word.

Hear from our satisfied customers.

A loyalty program app with a great user interface, intuitive redemption rules & journeys and one of the best options for using it to your business needs. Add to that the integrated reviews management system. That's Nector for you. We have been using Nector for a few months now and we have seen optimal customer support & quick implementations. Needless to say, the impact is tangible!

Nector has been a great platform in retaining customers on our D2C website. The user interface is very smooth and is a one-stop shop to drive loyalty, referrals and rewards. The team is very responsive and willing to go the extra mile to ensure any and all concerns are sorted out! Overall, Nector is a game-changer, and I couldn't be happier with the experience!

Redeem Your Rewards Like a Pro with Nector's Coin Redemption Feature
Why settle for just rewards points when you can unlock even greater savings with Nector's Coin Redemption Feature? With our easy-to-use 'Buy with Coins' button on product pages, you can see exactly how many coins you can redeem for a discounted price, making it easier than ever to get the products you love for less
Get more control over your Coin Redemption Process with the Slider
Give your users a visual presentation of accumulated points in their wallets, allowing them to conveniently decide and control the amount of points they want to redeem for discounts during the checkout process
Happy Clients
Feedback from these happy customers helps us in reaching the heights

House of Aadyaa

One of the most user friendly apps in Shopify ecosystem for loyalty! Their support team is also top-notch. I'd recommend nector app to all!


Nector has revolutionised the way we look at the 4Rs - reviews | rating | referral | rewards, with a user-friendly interface the app significantly boosts engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Harissons Bags

Too good! The UI of the app is very easy to understand. My repeat sales have also gone up! Recommend for any D2C brand looking to increase their customer LTV

Forest Super Food

I used this app for writing reviews and earning rewards, I tried many similar apps but this is awesome! , the app is very useful and the support team is very supportive and nice! I will highly recommend this app :)


Fantastic app - improves engagement and customer repeat business. Customer support is one of the best - always ready to to help when required. User interface is very intuitive.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does a rewards program app benefit my Shopify store and customers?

A rewards program app benefits your Shopify store by increasing customer retention and loyalty through incentivised actions. It provides tangible benefits to customers such as discounts and exclusive promotions, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering loyalty.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of customers, orders, or rewards that can be managed?

The limitations and restrictions on the number of customers, orders, or rewards that can be managed vary based on the chosen plan. Please refer to the app's pricing page for specific details.

Does the rewards program app offer any analytics or reporting features to track program performance and customer engagement?

Yes, the rewards program app provides analytics and reporting features through the Nector dashboard to track program performance and customer engagement.

What features are typically offered by rewards program apps?

Rewards program apps typically offer features such as point-based systems, tiered rewards, personalized offers, redemption options, and analytics.

Can I create different types of rewards, such as points, discounts, or free products?

Yes, Nector allows you to create various types of rewards such as points, discounts, and free products. You can set up rules and customise the rewards through the app's dashboard.

*Customisation may not be available on the free plan

Can I offer referral rewards for customers who bring in new customers?

Yes, a rewards program app enables you to offer referral rewards to customers who bring in new customers.

How does the rewards program integrate with my Shopify store?

To integrate a rewards program with your Shopify store, simply download the app from the Shopify App Store and follow the setup instructions. Once onboarded, the rewards program seamlessly integrates with your website, allowing you to start rewarding customers.

What options are available for customer engagement, such as email notifications or personalized offers?

You can configure the app to send transactional emails to customers, keeping them informed about their rewards, points, and special promotions. Additionally, you can create personalised offers tailored to individual customers based on their preferences and behaviours.

How does the app handle customer data and privacy?

Nector is GDPR compliant and ensures the rights of of users when it comes to personal data.

Can I try the rewards program app before committing to a paid plan?

Yes, you can try the rewards program app before committing to a paid plan. Nector offers a free plan with up to 300 orders per month.

Are there any success stories or testimonials from other Shopify merchants who have used the app?

Yes, there are success stories and testimonials from other Shopify merchants who have used the app. You can find them on the Nector Resources page.