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Harrison Bags, an American luggage brand, experienced a surge in user signups and a remarkable 16x ROI after launching Nector's loyalty program.
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About Harissons Bags

Harissons Bags is an American luggage brand that offers a wide range of stylish and functional luggage options, including suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and more. Known for their high-quality construction and durability, Harissons Bags products are designed to meet the needs of travelers and adventurers alike.

Harissons Bags  With Nector

Harissons Bags and Nector partnered to offer a rewards program to Harissons Bags customers, allowing them to earn points for various activities, such as making purchases, writing reviews, and referring friends. This program incentivized customer engagement, driving increased customer loyalty, revenue, and valuable feedback to improve the brand's products and services. By leveraging Nector's expertise in customer rewards and loyalty, Harissons Bags was able to create a cost-effective program that helped improve customer retention and drive business growth.

What Harissons Bags Did

Ways To Earn

A wide range of rules to earn rewards showed increased engagement from users

Harissons Bags has crafted a versatile rewards program, offering users various ways to earn coins through activities like purchases, reviews, and referrals. These earned coins translate into significant discounts when users make a purchase, fostering active engagement and loyalty. Harissons Bags' strategic approach not only enhances customer interaction but also underscores their commitment to providing tangible benefits, strengthening the brand's customer-centric identity.

Dedicated Page

A view of Harrison Bags Rewards Club Page

Harissons Bags has increased the visibility of its loyalty program by creating a dedicated Rewards page. This page effectively communicates the program's benefits, ensuring customers are well-informed about the perks, discounts, and exclusive offers available. The user-friendly approach simplifies customer engagement, emphasizing Harissons Bags' commitment to transparency and enhancing the overall customer experience.


16x Return on Investment

Harissons Bags' partnership with Nector yielded a cost-effective rewards program that generated significant revenue, resulting in an impressive 16x ROI.

406 Signups through Nector

Through its rewards program with Nector, Harissons Bags successfully attracted 406 new customers, highlighting the importance of incentivizing customers to drive engagement and brand loyalty.

10% of Overall Revenue

Nector drives an average of about 10% of Tistabene’s overall revenue month over month. 

4.8% Nector-Driven Revenue

Harissons Bags rewards program with Nector drove 4.8% of the brand's revenue, emphasizing the program's effectiveness in incentivizing customer purchases and engagement to drive revenue growth.

Too good! The UI of the app is very easy to understand. My repeat sales have also gone up! Recommend for any D2C brand looking to increase their LTC.
Darsh Mehta
Digital Marketing, Harissons Bags
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