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Haus and Kinder, a standout home decor brand, witnessed 12.7% of total revenue from loyal customers using Nector's points, with 12.4% of signups attributed to the successful loyalty program.
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About Haus and Kinder 

Haus and Kinder, a standout home decor brand, specializes in blending modern aesthetics with quality craftsmanship. Focused on millennial moms, its curated collections of chic furnishings and artistic accents are designed to help them build beautiful homes. Renowned for its commitment to quality and contemporary design, Haus and Kinder stands as a trusted name in home decor.

The Brand with Nector

In a strategic collaboration for customer loyalty, Nector has joined forces with Haus and Kinder, the distinguished home decor brand. This partnership aims to enhance the home decor shopping experience for customers by implementing a robust loyalty program. Through Nector's innovative solutions, Haus and Kinder not only seek to reward customer loyalty but also foster a deeper connection with their target audience, particularly millennial moms. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both brands to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for customers in the home decor realm, creating a synergy that enriches the shopping journey for those aspiring to build beautiful homes with Haus and Kinder.

What Haus and Kinder did

Coin Expiry ensures users to utilize their coins within the given time period

Haus and Kinder have introduced an innovative feature in their loyalty program by incorporating a coin expiry system with a two-month validity. This strategic implementation not only adds a dynamic element to the program but also serves to maintain user engagement. To ensure a seamless experience, users receive proactive email notifications one month before their loyalty coins expire, providing them with a timely reminder and encouraging redemption. This thoughtful approach not only enhances user satisfaction but also maximizes the effectiveness of the loyalty program, fostering a positive and rewarding relationship between Haus and Kinder and their valued customers.


Nector offers integration with leading tools to enhance your customer experience

Haus and Kinders’ integration with Contlo and GoKwik made it possible for them to make their loyalty program more effective. Using Contlo to communicate expiring coins and existing rewards at regular intervals has made it easier for people to come back to redeem them.

The GoKwik integration enables users to use Nector coupons during checkout

Haus and Kinder have streamlined the redemption process for their Nector coupons by integrating with GoKwik. This integration allows users to effortlessly apply and redeem their Nector coupons during the checkout process, enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring a seamless transition from earning loyalty rewards to enjoying discounts at the point of purchase. This collaborative effort simplifies the redemption journey for customers, adding an extra layer of convenience to the shopping experience with Haus and Kinder.

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