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One of India's leading haircare brand found their fit with Nector and created a loyalty program that contributed to 19.5% of their overall orders and amplified customer satisfaction
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About the brand

The brand, a known figure, in India’s hair care sector is committed to combining the best of science and nature to craft solutions for hair care. As leading experts in hair beauty in the country, The brand works closely with dermatologists and Skincare professionals to create cutting-edge formulas tailored specifically to meet the needs of Indian hair. Each ingredient used in The brand’s products is thoughtfully chosen to enhance hair's health, strength, and beauty, promising an experience with every application.

Nector's journey with the brand

The brand has established an alliance, with Nector to enhance its loyalty and referral program. By utilizing Nector’s solutions, The brand aims to acknowledge customer loyalty and encourage referrals to grow its customer community. This partnership highlights the brand’s dedication to delivering a fulfilling experience for its customers nurturing relationships and fueling expansion in the hair care sector. With Nector's knowledge, the brand is well-positioned to enrich customer interaction and loyalty reinforcing its reputation as a brand, in the field.

What did the brand do?

Tier Based Rewarding

They implemented Nector's tier-based rewarding feature and structured its loyalty program into four tiers. This strategic decision allowed them to incentivize customer loyalty effectively by offering tier-specific rewards and benefits.

Birthday Rewarding

The brand capitalized on Nector's event-based rewarding feature to celebrate and reward customers on birthdays. By leveraging this capability, the brand personalized the customer experience, showing appreciation for their loyalty and creating memorable moments. This strategic use of birthday rewards not only strengthened customer relationships but also increased brand affinity and loyalty.

Dedicated Loyalty Page

They utilized Nector's dedicated rewards page on its website to showcase its reward system. This strategic implementation gave customers easy access to rewards, enhancing transparency. 

Week over Week Growth Insights

Success Metrics

3.34% Signups through Nector  

A measure of success was the percentage of signups obtained through Nector. This indicator demonstrates how well the collaboration, between the brand and Nector has boosted user interaction and broadened the brand's clientele.

19.5% Nector Driven Orders

Another significant success in this case was the percentage of orders driven through Nector. This metric highlights the effectiveness of the partnership between the brand and Nector in influencing consumer purchasing behavior and boosting overall order volume.

19% Nector Driven Revenue

A notable accomplishment highlighted in this instance was the portion of revenue directly affected by Nector. This measure highlights the influence of the partnership, between the brand and Nector on driving revenue expansion. Through utilizing Nectors offerings, the brand effectively increased its revenue flow leading to achievements.

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