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Shop The Arena, an apparel and merchandise brand, garnered 12.5% of total signups and achieved a 7% coin redemption rate through Nector's loyalty program, aligning with industry standards.
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About Shop The Arena

Shop The Arena is an apparel merchandise brand that caters to sports fans in India, offering high-quality and authentic sports merchandise. Their exclusive collection is created through direct collaborations with renowned clubs, ensuring that customers receive 100% authentic products. With a focus on delivering genuine sports merchandise, Shop the Arena strives to meet the needs and passions of sports enthusiasts across the country.

What  Shop the Arena did

Custom Loyalty Program Page made for Shop the Arena

Shop The Arena made a dedicated page for its loyalty program, simplifying the user experience. This user-friendly page provides a clear overview of the program, including key features and step-by-step guides. With intuitive visuals and interactive elements, users can easily understand and navigate the loyalty journey. Shop The Arena's commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is evident in this streamlined approach, enhancing the connection between users and the world of authentic sports merchandise.

Success Metrics

32x Return on Investment

The partnership between Nector and Shop the Arena achieved an impressive return on investment, indicating the tremendous success of implementing a customized loyalty program. The collaboration exemplifies the effectiveness of loyalty programs in driving customer engagement, retention, and sales.

12.5% Signups Through Nector

The partnership between Nector and Shop the Arena achieved a notable signup rate, indicating the success of the loyalty program in attracting and engaging customers.

7% Effective Redemption Rate

An additional noteworthy success metric is the high Effective Redemption Rate. This reflects customers engaged with the Nector loyalty app, using earned coins to create redeem coupons. This dynamic interaction underscores the app's appeal and its role in bolstering sales of Shop The Arena, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Have tested multiple different Loyalty apps like Growave and Smile. This one is hands down my favorite. It has a smooth checkout flow for customers (other apps were a bit clunky given Shopify's restrictions on the checkout page) and allows you to customize points earned / reminder emails that get sent to customers.
Tanay Agarwal
Founder, Shop The Arena
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