Ugaoo, specializing in gardening products, harnessed Nector's referral program to acquire new customers and boost engagement through incentivized reviews.
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About Ugaoo

Ugaoo is an Indian online platform for gardening products and services. It offers plants, seeds, tools, and expert guidance for gardening. Ugaoo also provides customized solutions for landscaping projects and garden maintenance services.

Ugaoo With Nector

Ugaoo implemented a well-designed Loyalty program through Nector. They established a customized Rewards and Loyalty Page on their website that perfectly mirrored their brand tone and contained all essential information for customers. Additionally, they optimized the rewards program by incorporating Tiers, which enables users to earn more rewards as they advance through the levels.

What Ugaoo Did

Ugaoo has elevated customer appreciation through the introduction of a VIP program, a finely crafted initiative that bestows exclusive rewards for each tier. This VIP program, seamlessly integrated with Nector, reflects Ugaoo's commitment to providing an unparalleled gardening experience. Customers now enjoy personalized benefits as they progress through tiers, creating a sense of exclusivity and loyalty.

Ugaoo has created a VIP program that offers exclusive rewards for each tier

Furthermore, Ugaoo's referral program, a standout creation using Nector, has emerged as a stellar offering. This program not only leverages the power of word-of-mouth but has become a potent channel for customer acquisition. By incentivizing referrals, Ugaoo has effectively turned satisfied customers into brand advocates, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between customer engagement, loyalty, and the platform's sustained growth.

Ugaoo’s referral program has turned out to be an effective channel to acquire customers.


44x Return on Investment

Ugaoo experienced an impressive 44-fold return on Investment (ROI) from its collaboration with Nector's rewards program, underscoring the program's affordability and the benefits it generated for Ugaoo's Business.

9.45% Nector- Driven Revenue

Ugaoo's revenue from Nector demonstrated the effectiveness of loyalty rewards programs in increasing sales and customer loyalty.

20% Referral Codes Executed

20% of the referral codes shared through Nector's rewards program were executed, indicating the effectiveness of the program in driving new customer acquisition and revenue growth for the platform. 

240 Reviews Incentivized

Through Nector, Ugaoo rewarded 240 reviews, which not only helped improve customer engagement but also provided valuable feedback for Ugaoo to improve its products and services. 

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