October 13, 2023

H&M: A Deep Dive into their Stellar Customer Loyalty Program

Triyon Sengupta

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In the dynamic world of retail fashion, the competition is fierce, and the race for customer loyalty is relentless. When it comes to winning hearts and inspiring loyalty, one brand that stands out is H&M. Their customer loyalty program is a brilliant example of how to keep customers hooked and coming back for more. Let's delve into the workings of the H&M customer loyalty program and understand what makes it shine.

1. H&M: Brand Overview

Founded in 1947, H&M is a global fashion retailer renowned for its trendy and affordable clothing. With a strong commitment to inclusive and sustainable fashion, the brand has successfully amassed a dedicated customer base of over 100 million. One of the brand's masterstrokes has been the introduction of its customer loyalty program, which has significantly amplified customer engagement and retention.

2. The Genesis of the H&M Customer Loyalty Program

The H&M customer loyalty program was designed with a dual purpose - to motivate customers to shop more frequently and to instill a sense of brand love. What sets this program apart is that it rewards customers for their purchases and incentivizes sustainable actions, aligning with the brand's core values.

Despite being country-specific, the program's design and rewards are consistent across regions, creating a unified brand experience for all members.

3. The Enrollment Process: Quick and Easy

Joining the H&M loyalty program is a breeze. Customers just need to provide their email address, create a password, and indicate their date of birth. Although providing additional information is optional, H&M cleverly uses this opportunity to gather valuable zero-party data. As a welcome gift, new members receive a 10% discount, encouraging them to make their second purchase promptly.

4. The Program Structure: Designed for Engagement

The H&M loyalty program is a tiered program with two levels. Regular members can upgrade to Plus membership by earning 500 points, equivalent to $500 worth of total purchases. Plus members enjoy premium perks like free shipping, unique experiences, surprise offers, and early access to limited collections.

5. Earning Points: A Rewarding Journey

H&M grants one point for every dollar spent, both online and in-store. The brand also rewards sustainable actions, such as recycling clothes, further reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. Points are valid for 12 months, and at the end of the membership year, point balances reset, marking the beginning of a new loyalty journey.

6. The Rewards: An Array of Benefits

H&M's loyalty program offers a host of rewards to its members. New members receive a 10% discount, while regular members get access to special shopping events, birthday surprises, and exclusive offers. Plus members unlock additional experiential rewards, including free shipping, unique experiences, surprise offers, and early access to limited collections.

7. The Mobile App: Enhancing the Customer Experience

H&M Mobile App

The H&M mobile app complements the loyalty program by providing a seamless shopping experience. It allows customers to shop, locate stores, access lookbooks, and use their bonus vouchers. The app's Scan & Find feature enables customers to check if an item is available in additional sizes and colors. The app also features a visual search option that suggests matching or similar items in stock based on customer's photos or screenshots.

8. The Loyalty Case Study: H&M's Success Story

The success of H&M's loyalty program lies in its ability to build and reward long-term relationships with customers. The program's easy-to-understand reward system, rich incentives catalog, and excellent mobile app contribute to its success. The program's unique focus on sustainability sets it apart and aligns well with the brand's core values.

9. Room for Improvement

While the program is largely successful, there are areas where H&M could improve. For instance, the program is not multi-country, meaning points and rewards cannot be carried over from one market to another. Additionally, the brand could leverage its sister brands to offer cross-brand rewards and enhance the overall loyalty experience.

10. Conclusion: The Takeaway

In conclusion, the H&M customer loyalty program is a shining example of a well-designed and executed loyalty strategy. It nicely blends the brand's core values with rewarding customer actions, creating a winning formula for customer engagement and retention. While there's room for improvement, the program's success story offers valuable insights for other brands looking to build or revamp their loyalty programs.

In the race for customer loyalty, H&M has set a high bar. Their success serves as a testament to the power of a well-thought-out and executed loyalty program. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how the brand continues to innovate and elevate the customer experience.

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