Nector versus Yotpo: Deciding on the superior option

Nector provides everything that Yotpo has to offer in a single package saving you a lot of money and hassle managing different apps

Nector helps growing businesses thrive with its trusted loyalty program

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Transparent pricing
24*7 Customer Support
Dedicated pages for loyalty, referrals and reviews
Coin redemption at checkout
Reviews feature within the same app
Rewards and coin expiry
Revert  coins
Earn coins embed display
Shopify tag based rewarding

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied members about their experiences with us.

A loyalty program app with a great user interface, intuitive redemption rules & journeys and one of the best options for using it to your business needs. Add to that the integrated reviews management system. That's Nector for you. We have been using Nector for a few months now and we have seen optimal customer support & quick implementations. Needless to say, the impact is tangible!

Anavi Chaturvedi

Head of Sales, Vahdam Teas

The overall experience has been pretty fantastic. The onboarding process was pretty seamless & the team has been very cooperative from get-go. We are definitely witnessing some positive results with our D2C store & we would highly recommend Nector to anyone who is looking to increase the conversion rates on their ecomm-store.

Pranav Mehta

Founder, Cafenna Coffee

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