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referral program

referral program

Let your customers refer friends and earn rewards on your Shopify Store with our referral program!

Referrals made Easy

Users can explore the Referral program right inside the Rewards widget and invite their friends with a click of a button. Users can share their referral links to any platform of their choice.

Tailor your Referral Rewards

Referral Rewards need to be compelling enough for customers to participate. So you can choose to reward users with wallet points or a flat discount code. Experiment with different offers to see what works for your business!

Automated Referral Notifications

The referral cycle gets completed only when the referee completes their first purchase. Nector nudges users via email to use their referral reward within a given time period. You can customise the email, the number of emails to be sent, and the interval between these nudge emails.

Give your customers a unique referral link via the Rewards Widget
Encourage your customers to participate in the Referral Program by incentivising them with reward points or coupon codes
As your customers refer their friends, you can expect to see your revenue grow

Track your Referrals 

Nector lets you track key metrics related to Referral Program on your Dashboard. Access data such as the revenue generated from referrals, the status of each referral, and the number of successful referrals

Ensure Authentic Referrals

Nector ensures that referrals happen on your Shopify store authentically, eliminating self-referrals and preventing a high volume of referrals in a short period of time

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a rewards program app benefit my Shopify store and customers?

A rewards program app benefits your Shopify store by increasing customer retention and loyalty through incentivised actions. It provides tangible benefits to customers such as discounts and exclusive promotions, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering loyalty.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of customers, orders, or rewards that can be managed?

The limitations and restrictions on the number of customers, orders, or rewards that can be managed vary based on the chosen plan. Please refer to the app's pricing page for specific details.

Does the rewards program app offer any analytics or reporting features to track program performance and customer engagement?

Yes, the rewards program app provides analytics and reporting features through the Nector dashboard to track program performance and customer engagement.

What features are typically offered by rewards program apps?

Rewards program apps typically offer features such as point-based systems, tiered rewards, personalized offers, redemption options, and analytics.

Can I create different types of rewards, such as points, discounts, or free products?

Yes, Nector allows you to create various types of rewards such as points, discounts, and free products. You can set up rules and customise the rewards through the app's dashboard.

*Customisation may not be available on the free plan

Can I offer referral rewards for customers who bring in new customers?

Yes, a rewards program app enables you to offer referral rewards to customers who bring in new customers.

How does the rewards program integrate with my Shopify store?

To integrate a rewards program with your Shopify store, simply download the app from the Shopify App Store and follow the setup instructions. Once onboarded, the rewards program seamlessly integrates with your website, allowing you to start rewarding customers.

What options are available for customer engagement, such as email notifications or personalized offers?

You can configure the app to send transactional emails to customers, keeping them informed about their rewards, points, and special promotions. Additionally, you can create personalised offers tailored to individual customers based on their preferences and behaviours.

How does the app handle customer data and privacy?

Nector is GDPR compliant and ensures the rights of of users when it comes to personal data.

Can I try the rewards program app before committing to a paid plan?

Yes, you can try the rewards program app before committing to a paid plan. Nector offers a free plan with up to 300 orders per month.

Are there any success stories or testimonials from other Shopify merchants who have used the app?

Yes, there are success stories and testimonials from other Shopify merchants who have used the app. You can find them on the Nector Resources page.