Fuel Sales 
Growth with a

referral program

Let your customers refer friends and earn rewards on your Shopify Store with our referral program!

Referrals made Easy
Users can explore the Referral program right inside the Rewards widget and invite their friends with a click of a button. Users can share their referral links to any platform of their choice.
Tailor your Referral Rewards
Referral Rewards need to be compelling enough for customers to participate. So you can choose to reward users with wallet points or a flat discount code. Experiment with different offers to see what works for your business!
Automated Referral Notifications
The referral cycle gets completed only when the referee completes their first purchase. Nector nudges users via email to use their referral reward within a given time period. You can customise the email, the number of emails to be sent, and the interval between these nudge emails.

How it Works

Give your customers a unique referral link via the Rewards Widget
Encourage your customers to participate in the Referral Program by incentivising them with reward points or coupon codes
As your customers refer their friends, you can expect to see your revenue grow
Track your Referrals 
Nector lets you track key metrics related to Referral Program on your Dashboard. Access data such as the revenue generated from referrals, the status of each referral, and the number of successful referrals
Ensure Authentic Referrals
Nector ensures that referrals happen on your Shopify store authentically, eliminating self-referrals and preventing a high volume of referrals in a short period of time
Frequently Asked Questions
Can customers refer friends via email, social media, or unique referral links?

Yes, customers would receive a unique referral link which they can share to their friends and family via any platform.

How are referrals tracked and attributed to the referrers and their friends?

Referrals are tracked in two ways with Nector: via coupon or referral code and link-based attribution. In the link-based method, A shares a unique referral link with B, who clicks the link to receive a coupon code. B needs to use this code during their purchase for A to get rewarded. In the code-based approach, A refers B, and B applies the code on their profile page, rewarding both A and B. These methods ensure accurate tracking and proper rewards for successful referrals.

Can I set up different types of rewards, such as discounts, store credits, or free products?

Currently, Nector allows you to reward your customers with either coins or coupon codes as the incentive for completing a referral.

Does the app provide options for referral program automation, such as automatic reward fulfilment?

Yes, the reward fulfilment is automatically done once the referral is successfully completed.

Can I customise the referral program rules and eligibility criteria?

Yes, you can configure the rules of the referral program in terms of setting up the rewards and the restrictions of the program.

Can I customise the messaging and design of the referral invitations and notifications?

Yes, in Nector, you can fully customise the messaging and design of referral invitations and notifications. This allows you to tailor the content to match your brand's voice, creating engaging and effective referral campaigns.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of referrals or rewards that can be managed?

Yes, you can restrict the number of referrals that a customer can make on your website.