Tistabene, a fashion brand, achieved a 3x increase in signups and gathered 150+ reviews by leveraging Nector's incentivized review program.
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About Tistabene

Tistabene made its mark in the e-commerce space by selling Indo-western wear that has gained popularity among the age group between 18-29. 

Tistabene recognized the importance of developing a plan to keep its current customers satisfied and actively engaged with its brand. So they decided to have a Rewards and Loyalty program that caters to their needs and offers customizability to suit their business needs. Nector helped them create a Rewards and Loyalty program that was easier to implement and offered the flexibility needed.

Tistabene With Nector

Once Nector was integrated into Tistabene’s website, they customized their Program with different ways to earn Tistabene Coins and redeem them for exclusive rewards within the website. They were able to launch exclusive rewards during festive seasons and ensure they were able to get more customers by making them sign up for the Rewards Program. 

What Tistabene Did

Tistabene's recipe for a successful partnership with Nector included a strategic move to actively engage and incentivize their customer base. A pivotal step in this direction was creating a well-crafted rule within the Loyalty Program, specifically designed to encourage users to share reviews. Recognizing the significance of customer feedback, Tistabene set an enticing reward structure that proved compelling enough for customers not just to participate but actively complete the review process. This thoughtful approach not only streamlined the collection of valuable reviews but also fostered a stronger bond between the brand and its customers. By aligning incentives with customer actions, Tistabene demonstrated a keen understanding of user motivation, contributing significantly to the overall success of their partnership with Nector.


3X signups

Tistabene saw an increase in the number of signups after new customers became aware of the points they would receive once they signed up for the Loyalty Program. Users would then redeem those points to get discounts from the website.

18% Redemption Rate

This represents the number of coins used to redeem an offer/discount. This shows that customers have the intent to buy when they are incentivized to redeem.

10% of Overall Revenue

Nector drives an average of about 10% of Tistabene’s overall revenue month over month. 

150+ Reviews Collected:

Asking for Reviews from customers is a tedious task, incentivizing them for it makes it a lot easier.

43X Return On Investment:

Tistabene has seen a high ROI in Nector over two months. They recognize the value Nector adds to the business and continue to use it.

Great app so far. Amazing Customer support! I've reached out to them a couple of times and they go beyond to help as much as they can. I highly recommend it!
Kapil Agarwal
Digital Marketing Manager
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